What monitoring capabilities does Sentri have?

Sentri comes with a 120-degree wide angle camera, night vision, and a sensors that track your home's environmental health (temperature, humidity, and air quality).  Sentri delivers both snapshots and recordings in time (triggered by motion- or environment-activated activity when your Sentri is set in 'away' mode) and trends that track your home's behavior over a period of time.

Will Sentri work with other smart devices I have?

Yes! Part of the beauty of Sentri is its power to be the center of your smart home -- you can currently connect and control your Nest Thermostat, Philip Hue Smart Light, and Belkin WeMo switches and light switches directly from your Sentri app. We're always evaluating additional products to connect with us as well.

How does Sentri help me monitor my home when I'm away? 

While you don't need your phone to set up or use Sentri, we've built apps designed just for iOS and Android that lets you take the power of Sentri wherever you go. While you're away from home (or in another room), tap into your Sentri app to turn on live monitoring, see your home's current environmental conditions, and review your alert timeline -- complete with all the events (changes in humidity, unexpected activity) that may have been captured in the course of day. 

How can I use Sentri when I'm at home?

Sentri's 10.1" touchscreen shows you all the information you need about your home at a quick glance, including time, temperature, weather, humidity, and air quality.  Swipe to see all the events and alerts for your day.  Customize the background any time to fit your mood or style with the tap of a finger.

How easy is to set Sentri up?

Sentri is incredibly easy to set up. Because it comes with a built-in touchscreen, all you need is your home's WiFi network information (or connect your Sentri via an ethernet cable) -- that's it. No extra wires, cable, or installation needed.  Either hang Sentri up using the nails we provide or sit Sentri on a flat surface using the built-in kickstand.

How big is Sentri?

Sentri is designed to fit into any home and measures:

Height: 9.842" (25 cm)

Width:  9.842" (25 cm)

Depth: 1.18" (3 cm)

Weight: 2.33 pounds (1,055 grams)

Package dimension: 33 x 33 x 11 cm 

Package weight: 3.52 pound (1,600 grams)